Maritime History Runs Deep in San Diego, California

San Diego’s maritime history runs deep!

Did you know that San Diego is home to the worlds first documented Dive Club, “The Bottom Scratchers”? These legendary divers were the first explorers to venture into the unknown beyond the shore line. These men of men are responsible for engineering the worlds first dive masks, snorkels, fins, spearguns and more. They have laid the foundation for today’s modern diving culture… and San Diego is still a hub for both industry leaders such as Aqua Lung, Omer and JBL. The local scene is chock full of watermen with generations of experience pushing the limits even further. We will expand upon their impacts to our lifestyle in the pages to come.

Once upon a time San Diego was also home to the worlds largest commercial tuna fleets and of course is currently home to one of the nations most cutting edge Navy and military hubs.

Brink Expeditions believes strongly in protecting our communities ability to engage and sustain our families in a responsible manner from our local waters. We are proud to be part of this heritage. We hope to positively impact and expand upon what it means to live by the code of the ocean in todays modern world. Thanks for checking us out. It is truly an honor to share a life of adventure with you.


Captain Ryan Sweeney
Brink Expeditions